Bear Grylls

10 of Bear Grylls’ most insane moments on TV

We all like to think of ourselves as adventurers who would survive in the wild if push came to shove. Having said that, many of us tend to spend our evenings with our feet propped up on the coffee table and Bear Grylls on the television screens. Over the past few years Bear has become a household name and has been renowned for the lengths he goes to in order to demonstrate survival scenarios. So, we decided to put together a list of some of the most insane moments Bear has brought to our living rooms.

1. Drinking his own urine from inside a snake’s skin

2. Using the skin of a seal to make a wetsuit

3. Climbing inside a camel

4. Killing a moose, drinking its blood and eating its heart

5. Eating a sheep’s eyeballs

6. Drinking from elephant dung

7. Swimming underneath ice

8. Eating raw zebra meat leftover from a lion kill

9. Giving himself a enema while at sea

10. Scaling a bridge, entering a train tunnel and almost getting run over