10 photos that will make you long for an Antarctic adventure

Author: Rob Slade

Antarctica may reside at the end of the earth but as the years go by, more and more tourists are arriving in commercial groups. Despite this increased access, the region still remains one of the toughest, most hostile environments known to man and any excursion to the southernmost continent will be thoroughly rewarding. If you weren’t already eager to visit and follow the footsteps of hardy adventurers, you will be after seeing these amazing photos.

1. Inhospitable mountains that will test your mettle

Ulventanna Peak, Antarctica

2. The majestic sight of orca whales hunting

Orca whales, Antarctica

3. Follow the footsteps of Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackelton to their famous huts

Shackleton's hut, Antarctica

4. Penguins… Need we say more?

Penguins, Antarctica

5. Spectacular landscapes ready for exploration

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

6. Imagine what it would be like to camp here…

Camping, Antarctica

7. High stakes kayaking that is incredibly rewarding

Kayaking, Antarctica

8. Expeditions that take on a whole different meaning

Exploring the South Pole

9. Breathtaking skies at night

Night sky, Antarctica

10. Reach the south pole and join the exclusive club of hardy adventurers

The South Pole, Antarctica

Intro photo: NOAA Photo Library