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5 of the most inspiring van life accounts on Instagram

Author: Naomi Dunbar & Helen Taylor

If you’re anything like us, then you glaze over at your desk in the office (more times a day than you’d like to admit to your boss) and dream of packing your things into a cute little van and pursuing an exciting life on the open road. It looks the perfect way to escape from the shackles of the monotonous 9-5, explore the wonders of this world that Mother Nature has so kindly left for us, and to truly experience the sweet taste of adventure.

So, to help give you a little inspiration and keep the dream alive, here are five of our favourite van life accounts on Instagram.

1. Van Life Jam

A post shared by Marc Schär (@vanlifejam) on

The wonderful travels of Marc Schär, who lives in his Vanagon 83. Marc spends his days exploring staggering mountain ranges, playing his guitar and doing yoga – bliss!

2. Jarett Juarez

A post shared by Jarett Juarez (@jarettjuarez) on

Jarett is a talented photographer from the US who spends his life exploring in his beautiful van, which is called Roxy.

3. Roaming with Rob

A post shared by Rob Townsend (@roamingwithrob) on

A young Australian couple who find beautiful places to park and set up their office by day. By night, they enjoy good food by the campfire – perfection.

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4. Noëll Russell

A post shared by Noël Russell (@noel_russ) on

Noëll works in a homeless youth shelter, and spends her weekends and holidays exploring with her partner and two little rescued dogs (Fin and Lhotse) in their converted van.

5. Project Van Life

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This Instagram doesn’t follow one van in particular, but posts all the best of van-life inspiration from contributors around the world.

Featured image: Markus Spiering