Sukii the adventure cat

8 adventure cats you need to follow on Instagram

Author: Naomi Dunbar

We brought you the most adventurous dogs on Instagram, so now it’s time to take a wee look at the adventure cats. Oh yes, you read that right. Cats who love to explore the outdoors with their humans. Be it hiking in the meowtains (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), canoeing in glacial lakes or even surfing, these fearless felines have adventure in their hearts and exploration running through their veins.

So, without further ado, here are eight adventure cats you need to follow on Instagram…

1. Sukii the adventure cat

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Sukii is a gorgeous Bengal who lives in Canada with her pet human Marti. The pair love to explore mountains, lakes, forests and snow together, and after a fun-filled day of exploring Sukii loves to curl up (purrfurably beside a log fire) and take a nap.

2. Bolt and Keel

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Bolt and Keel are two adventurous brothers who love exploring the trails. Water is no issue for these two kitties, as they like sailing, kayaking, canoeing or even just having a play beside the water. They’ve even published their own book about their travels and their life goal is to be on the Ellen Show. Cute!

3. Magic the adventure cat

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Looking rather dashing in blue, Magic is a male rescue cat from Seattle in Washington, who spends his days hiking, camping and exploring nature trails. Another hobby of his includes playing with his favourite scratchy pole.

4. Adventures of Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips are two brothers who live in Vancouver Island, British Columbia and they love nothing more than going on road trips and exploring with their two owners. The pair have visited the likes of Moab, Bryce Canyon National Park and Red Canyon in Utah.

5. Kuli the surfing cat

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Nānākuli is a one-eyed badass who lives in Honolulu in Hawaii. He absolutely loves hitting the Hawaiian surf with his owner Alexandra and feeling the salt water through his fur with a spot of swimming – name me a cooler cat, I’ll wait…

6. Whiskered away

Eevee is a beautiful feline who enjoys weekends away with her human Emily in their converted Toyota truck. The pair live in Georgia in the USA and they love to explore forests and hiking trails together. After a day packed with adventure they love to curl up together in the truck or if it’s warm enough, chill in a hammock.

7. Gus the adventurous

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Gus is a Siamese mixed kitty who is an expert climber and loves hitting the local climbing wall or bouldering with his owner. Other hobbies include, hiking, kayaking, visiting the beach, oh, and cat-napping.

8. Adventurrio

Rio is a female adventure cat who lives in Denver, Colorado with her humans Maria and Aaron. Camping is her favourite pastime, but she is also partial to a spot of canoeing, hiking and kayaking. She has the cutest heart shaped nose and looks very dashing in a neckerchief.