hiking DIngli cliffs best adventerous things to do in Malta
Photo: Pierre Maelzer

5 of the most adventurous things to do in Malta

Author: Amabel Buck X Visit Malta

Thanks to an abundance of dramatic limestone cliffs and waters so irresistibly blue they’ll make you go weak at the knees, there’s adventures lurking in every nook and cranny of this Mediterranean hideaway. Be sure to bypass the beaches and head straight for those gorgeous cliffs, where you’ll find an abundance of incredible adventurous things to do in Malta.

Hiking the Dingli Cliffs

hiking in Malta best things to do in Malta
Photo: Pierre Maelzer

If hiking’s your game, one of the best things to do in Malta is to get yourself to the Dingli Cliffs. Venturing off-piste will give you the chance to discover spectacular rock formations and curious hidden caves down at sea level, while the views of the coast from the trails will blow you away. There are plenty more coastal paths on Malta and Gozo to keep you going for days afterwards, and exploring the smaller island of Comino on foot makes for an excellent day trip, with the chance to cool off in the famous Blue Lagoon afterwards. 

Paddling Coral Lagoon

Spectacular lagoons litter the coasts of Malta and Gozo, all filled with sapphire-hued water that’s impossible to resist. The best part is that, unlike the beaches, many of these lagoons require a short kayak to reach and are inaccessible from the cliffs above, meaning you’re unlikely to see many other people, making it one of the more adventerous things to do in Malta. Coral Lagoon is a perfect example of this and can be found in the Mellieha region of Malta. You’ll kayak across the bay and through a tunnel to reach the most idyllic little cove, complete with the sun streaming in overhead. Don’t forget to bring a stand-up paddle board, as this is the most perfect spot for a paddle. 

Abseiling at the Xaqqa Cliffs

abseiling best things to do in Malta
Photo: Pierre Maelzer

There’s no shortage of picture-perfect abseiling spots in Malta, but the Xaqqa Cliffs really are something special. Head there in the afternoon and hop into a harness. There’s a sharp arete of rock that runs parallel to the cliff, creating a gully perfectly in line with the rippling stream of light from the late afternoon sun. Abseiling in this dazzling little spot will take your breath away. 

Diving in Xlendi Bay

diving xlendi bay gozo best things to do in malta
Photo: Pierre Maelzer

Thanks to its crystal-clear waters and wealth of underwater features, Malta is known as a world-class diving location, and rightly so. The more advanced can explore a multitude of fascinating wrecks offshore, but beginners should head straight for Xlendi Bay in Gozo, where you can enter the water from the bay and still find an abundance of marine life and a mesmerising swim-through cave.

Rock climbing in Mgarr ix-Xini 

rock climbing Gozo, best things to do in Malta
Photo: Pierre Maelzer

The natural limestone that the majority of the islands are made up of forms the perfect base for a wealth of incredible outdoor rock-climbing locations. Make like the locals and head to the Mgarr ix-Xini gorge, where thousands of rock-climbing routes have been marked out and graded. There are even visitor books tucked away in the hand and footholds, so you can sign your name and leave your mark on these incredible cliffs.

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