Alpkit Airo 180 Review

Author: Bryn Davies | £50

Repair kit: Yes
Weight: 630g
Dimensions: 180 x 52 x 2.5cm

Alpkit is quickly establishing itself as a brand that offers good quality kit at at affordable prices. We liked its submission for our sleeping bag review, so what about the Airo 180?

At 630g the Airo is going to appeal to any hiker buying on weight alone and the small pack size (about the size of kitchen roll) compliments the low weight so it’s ideal for throwing in your sack. On smooth, flat ground the mat offers a good amount of comfort, however as it’s only 2.5cm think you’re going to be feeling all but the smallest lumps and bumps when lying down. When unpacked and pumped up the Airo offers a decent 180x52cm sleeping area which will be adequate for all but the biggest hikers.