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Could TURMERIC+ help keep you ACTIVE for longer?

walkingWhen taking longer walks however, some of us can find it difficult. Paul Goddard, 63, a Nordic Walking instructor from Saffron Walden in Essex, swears by a product called Turmeric+ as an effective means of keeping him active. Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, and also one of the most underestimated in terms of wellbeing. It’s a great way to explore the outdoors at a gentle pace, so you can reach the recommended level of physical activity needed to stay healthy without the toll to joints, ligaments, and muscles that more demanding sports exact.

“I decided to become a Nordic Walking instructor in 2009 and started walking 40-50 miles a week,” explains Paul. “Two years ago, it became uncomfortable to walk distances that should have been easy for someone of my age and fitness levels. I felt very apprehensive as walking is not only my passion, but my business.”


“I started doing some research. I learned that turmeric could be helpful and bought supplements … and then stumbled upon Turmeric+.” Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is difficult for the body to absorb, Some turmeric products offer high levels of curcumin but unless this is easily absorbed by the body, the higher amounts make little difference.


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The need for easy absorption is what led the scientists at FutureYou Cambridge to create Turmeric+ using the patented ‘Curcuma Phospholipid Complex’ formulation. It’s 30 times more absorbable than standard turmeric and contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.

“Soon after taking it I experienced that ‘lightbulb’ moment,” Paul reveals. “I realised my knees felt like they used to. I take Turmeric+ religiously now. I walk around 200 miles a month and even my customers have remarked on my mobility.

“Walking is great for fitness as well as your mental health. Being able to walk easily has made a huge difference to my life and I feel fitter now than I did twenty years ago.”

Adam Cleevely, CEO of FutureYou Cambridge comments; “We want to support more people to get active and we think Turmeric+ can play an important role in that journey. We have tens of thousands of happy Turmeric+ subscribers who regularly tell us about their positive stories, just like Paul.”

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