Berghaus Women's Vapour Light Claw

Berghaus Vapour Light Claw Shoe Review

Author: Rosie Fuller | £90

At about 566g per pair (size 6.5) this is one of the lightest women’s shoes we have been testing. It is designed predominantly for trail running, but is also a good option for fast, light hiking if you’re not planning to carry a heavy pack.

The Berghaus Vapour Light Claw isn’t lined so it isn’t waterproof, but the mostly mesh outer will keep your feet cool in warm weather, or when you’re moving fast. The soles use technology called Opti-Stud for grip and braking, and they shed mud quite well too. There’s a handy hook on the heel to help get them on and off easily, and I really like the looks.

I’ve been wearing the Vapour Light Claw for all sorts of outdoor fitness (mostly running and boot camps in the park) and they’re really comfortable, although I could have done with a bit more adjustment from the laces further down the foot.

The shoe is quite flexible, so you’d probably choose one offering more support if you’re planning longer hikes over tough (or muddy) terrain, or planning to carry lots of kit. But if you’re after one shoe for lots of activities including the occasional hike, this is a great option.

Berghaus Vapour Light Claw Shoe Verdict

The Berghaus Vapour Light Claw Shoe is a good all-rounder for running and light hiking.