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Author: Rosie Fuller

Over the ensuing months we are documenting our favourite 100 hikes in the world (first appearing in our 2012 special celebratory edition of Adventure Travel which marked its 100th issue) and this week’s instalment features The King’s Trail, one of Sweden’s greatest routes.

If you want lonely hiking in a big landscape, northern Sweden is the place to go. The King’s Trail, or Kungsleden, is about 275 miles (or around 440km) long.

This is the land of the Midnight Sun and, in the trail’s most northern section above the Arctic Circle, Sami territory, where the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia make a living through herding reindeer.

Photo: Joh.sh

You can  take a detour from the trail to climb Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise (2,111m), from the top of which you can see 9% of the whole country (er, if it’s clear). Plus, you get to pass places with names like Tjaktjavagge and Kvikkjokk and hang out in huts with saunas.

The whole trail takes a month; a week along the most northern section is a popular shorter option.

Intro photo: Christoph Strässler

Adventure Travel magazine issue 135