Aircalin September 2018
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Author: Rosie Fuller

As we continue to look at our favourite 100 hikes in the world we switch our attention to Slovenia and the mighty Triglav…

At 2,864m Triglav is the highest mountain in the Julian Alps and the highest mountain in Slovenia – it’s a whopping 120m higher than any of its neighbouring peaks. It’s so important to Slovenians that it’s on the country’s flag and coat of arms, and most Slovenians see it as a duty to climb the mountain at least once. We see it as a pleasure.

Hiking Triglav, SloveniaPhoto: Domagoj Smoljanovic

Triglav’s name might refer to how it looks from the south-east side (tri glave means three heads in Slovenian) or it’s comes from a Slavic god of the same name. Either way there are a variety of routes to the top and any will be impressive; the national park that it sits in is also stunning, with lakes, gorges, more mountains over 2,000m and lush green valleys.

The four main routes to the summit of Triglav can often get crowded in summer, as do the huts around the area. In the winter it becomes another proposition altogether and should only be attempted by those who have significant mountaineering experience.

Intro photo: Viajar, comer y amar