Jackson Harries Instagram

The best Instagram feed for travel inspiration this week

Author: Aisling Kiely

Uninspired and eager to travel, Jackson Harries and his twin brother Finn decided to take a year out to travel and document their journey along the way. In the end, the duo’s gap year lasted a lot longer than intended thanks to a huge online following to their blog leading to careers in photography, filmmaking and travel blogging.

It’s no wonder then, that Harries’ Instagram feed is bursting full of stunning travel inspiration. All captured on a Nikon FM3, funded through their successful YouTube channel and blogging page (JacksGap), Harries’ Instagram feed is full of crisp and incredible photography.

From up-close photographs with wild animals to kayaking into the sunset, Harries really does make us green with envy. Right time, right place is definitely a way to describe his photography. Mind you, that shifty monkey in Japan’s hot springs didn’t seem too impressed – well do you blame him?

A photo posted by Jackson Harries (@jackharries) on

A photo posted by Jackson Harries (@jackharries) on