Author: Ollie Rooke

Would you try the climb up Europe’s tallest chimney?

Standing at 360m tall, the chimney of Slovenia’s Trbovlje Power Station is the tallest in Europe, a sheer concrete structure rising above the valley floor far below. But now, six years after the power station was decommissioned, the towering chimney has been transformed into one of the most stunning, and vertigo-inducing, climbing walls you’ll ever see.

Using two tonnes of hand holds, professional route setters have fixed a challenging 13-pitch route (most single climbing pitches are about 30-40m in height) up the chimney. With a film crew in tow, two professional rock climbers, Domen Škofic and Janja Garnbret, decided to give it a try.

With plenty of jumps included to test the climber’s resolve and a summit so tall that it almost melts into the sky when looked at from below, this is a challenge that pushes them to the limit. This is a climbing video you don’t want to miss…