Eureka! Wabakimi 2

Eureka! Wabakimi 2 Review

Author: Bryn Davies | £169.95

Eureka! has been making tents for more than 100 years, and today it makes gear for the US forces as well as for recreational use. The Wabakimi 2 is a free-standing, two-poled, double-walled dome tent that the company claims is ideal for backpacking and canoe trips. It’s easy to put up as it doesn’t matter which pole goes where, and a colour-coordinated clip ensures the flysheet is put on correctly. There are Velcro fasteners along the pole sleeves that aren’t fiddly and did a good job of keeping the outer sheet taut and in place.

For a two-man tent, the Wabakimi 2 has a large overall footprint, and a chunk of this space is two roomy porch areas, both big enough for all your kit. There are also two generously sized doors that feature full-sized insect nets and allow tent access from both sides for you and your trekking partner. This does mean that it’s not the lightest tent on the market at 2.85kg, however.

Ventilation on the Wabakimi 2 is via two outer mesh vents (protected by closable covers) and two large mesh ventilation areas on the inner. Eureka!’s HighLow ventilation allows air to flow between the inner and outer via gaps in the flysheet and the floor. The tub-style floor is raised higher than on most tents because of this, but I’d still have to question its effectiveness in heavy rain and strong winds, and would prefer these gaps closed up.

The inner of the tent is long and high enough for someone who’s 6ft to stretch out and sit up comfortably, but two adults may find it a bit cosy width wise. Other features include two hanging hoops, good quality zips (the outer ones covered by sturdy storm flaps) and an effective gap between the fly sheet and tent walls.

Eureka! Wabakimi 2 Verdict

A great tent with enough porch space to party in.