Highlander Condor Multi Tool with Socket Set

Highlander Condor Multi Tool with Socket Set Review

Author: Bryn Davies

The Highlander Condor Multi Tool with Socket Set comes in at an extremely affordable price of £19.99. But is it any good?

www.highlander-outdoor.com | £19.99

We’ve come to know Highlander for offering some great kit at affordable prices – we like its rucksacks and this is a great multi-tool. For £19.99 it offers a ton of functions and, with the price taken into consideration, very good build quality.

The Condor has nine implements plus a screwdriver socket set that has nine heads, from Phillips to Torx. You also get a nice fabric pouch, with a pocket for the socket set and a belt loop. The tool is coated in a funky blue and black colour, but this fades and scuffs very quickly.

Aside from the pliers, all of the tools are accessible from the outside so you won’t have to open the Condor to get them out. Once you’ve selected what you want they snap nicely into place (but don’t lock). The pliers are spring loaded to make them more user-friendly and the ergonomics of the tool give a comfortable grip. But the knives could do with being sharper and more usable, as they are virtually blunt.

Highlander Condor Multi Tool with Socket Set Verdict

This is a very cheap multi-tool that lacks some of the cutting edge of the more expensive ones on the market, so it is best suited to more casual and occasional users.