Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 /EN 28b Review

Author: Bryn Davies

Here we took a look at the women’s Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 /EN 28b to see how it fared in terms of warmth, water resistance, weight and value for money. | £199.99

The big talking point about this bag is the down fill, called DriDown, which has been treated on a molecular level to make it hydrophobic, or water-resistant to you and I. This means it will stay dry for longer (10 times longer according to Kelty), keep its loft when wet (2.7 times more loft than untreated down) and, if it does get wet, it will dry faster. I haven’t got this bag wet enough to test this out, but my experiences of hydrophobic down so far are that it’s extremely good.

Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 /EN 28b

This treatment takes away the main disadvantage associated with down (that you can’t get it wet), with the only other stumbling block now being the price, though at £199.99 it’s by no means the most expensive bag in this test. The DriDown still has all the usual benefits of normal down, in that it packs down small with a nice, high loft and luxurious feel, which make for a comfy night’s sleep. Additional features include an almost full-length zip offering lots of ventilation when it gets too warm, a nicely fitting hood and draught-excluding baffles. Cold spots are kept to a minimum with the box-wall baffles stopping the down fill from migrating.

Kelty Ignite DriDown 20 /EN 28b Verdict

This is one of two women-specific DriDown packs in the Ignite range, and there are two men’s bags too. It’s a brilliant bag that removes most of the limitations of down while keeping the benefits – we love it. A great, value-for-money piece of kit.

Weight: 1.15kg

Pack size: 34x20cm

Comfort limit: -2C

Extreme limit: -9C

AT rating: 9/10