Marmot Grid 2P Tent

Marmot Grid 2P Tent Review

Author: Bryn Davies | £300


The Marmot Grid 2P tent is a free-standing, three-poled tent from Marmot, and the US-based company says it’s been designed with the wet and windy conditions of the UK in mind. This means it has an aerodynamic shape; a taut flysheet (to stop it from flapping around) and the pole structure should be strong enough to stand up to high winds. It also pitches outer first, so you don’t have to faff around trying to keep the inner dry if it’s chucking down, although that’s obviously fairly common.

The Marmot Grip 2P tent went up fairly, with the poles colour-coded to the sleeves. There’s only one entrance with a fair-sized porch – you can fit two expedition packs in, but it will be a bit of a squeeze. However, the inner is long enough for someone who’s 6ft to stretch out, or sit up comfortably, and it’s just wide enough for a comfortable sleep. There’s little on offer in terms of storage options: just two small mesh pockets near the head of the tent which are only really big enough to hold a few essential items.

A neat touch I liked was that the outer ventilation point at the foot can be opened and closed from the inside, meaning you won’t have to brave the elements to operate it. There are also two vents opposite each other at the head. Another great touch is the tub floor. It comes high up the tent walls to prevent water coming in in really wet and windy situations.

Marmot Grid 2P Verdict

A good, solid tent that’s been specifically designed to deal with UK weather

  • Weight and packsize: 7
  • Ease of erection: 8
  • Porch size: 6
  • Inner size and features: 7
  • Value for money: 7
  • Overall: 7