Meindl Portland GTX

Meindl Portland GTX Review

Author: Rosie Fuller | £124.99

I’m a big fan of Meindl footwear – my age-old trusty leather hiking boots are Meindl, and I finally had to say goodbye to a pair of Cuba GTX lightweight shoes as I wore them to death. So did the Portland GTX live up to my high expectations? 

The shoes are somewhere in the middle of the products we have on test in terms of weight and level of support – they weigh about 750g per pair (size 6.5). This means that they offer more protection and stability to the foot than the lightest shoes here, but are still light and flexible enough to be nice and comfy, and they won’t take up too much weight allowance if you need to pack them too.

The Portland GTX is made from a mixture of velour leather and mesh, and there’s a Gore-Tex lining meaning they are waterproof, something I always find useful in an approach shoe. There’s extra protection at the toe and heel; the sole is Meindl’s Contragrip Trail sole unit, offering good grip, and the laces do up really easily over the tongue and offer good adjustment.

You probably wouldn’t want to wear this shoe over really tough terrain, or for scrambling or carrying a heavy pack, but for any other hiking they will be great, and they’re light and comfy enough to be worn as an everyday shoe too. Looks-wise the shoe isn’t particularly exciting but it’s certainly nice enough.

Women’s Meindl Portland GTX Verdict

A textbook hiking shoe for casual hiking or everyday use, but you may be better off with something else for any more technical hikes and expeditions.

Support: 8

Weight: 8

Looks: 8

Value for money: 8

Overall: 8