Paramo Aspira Trousers

Paramo Aspira Trousers Review

Author: Rosie Fuller | £190

Paramo’s Aspira Trousers are a mountaineering trouser that can easily be used for skiing and boarding too. They’ve got more features than this edition of Adventure Travel (almost), so I’ll get on with it.

The Aspira trousers have full-length zips (with internal storm-flaps) and poppers up both legs so you can put them on without having to take off your boots; this also gives you stacks of ventilation options. An extra waistband also means you can go to the loo without having to take them off completely. If you’re wearing them for skiing or boarding, they have ankle snow cuffs and a wider hem in the boot area; but if you’re wearing them with boots and crampons there’s a chord on the calf to adjust them so you’re less likely to catch the crampons on them.

The trousers have removable padding in the bum and knees for added protection if you need it (especially good for snow boarders). I thought this would be really complicated to get back in once removed, but it’s not (although you wouldn’t stand a chance if you tried it in ski gloves). We love Paramo’s waterproofing system: the Nikwax Analogy Pump Lining has a two-layer construction to trap air to keep you warm; the outer layer repels water and the Pump Liner pushes moisture away from the body. The knees and seat of these trousers have double layers of Nikwax Analogy Pump Lining for greater warmth and reinforcement.

These trousers would be overkill if you’re just into snow-riding sports, but for an all-round trouser for all winter sports, they’re great. At first they seem to have too much going on, but you learn how to use them very quickly.

Paramo Aspira Trousers Verdict

Great all-mountain trousers

  • Features: 4
  • Durability: 5
  • Value for money: 5
  • Overall: 5