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Author: Rosie Fuller


When you get to this sort of price you expect the quality of the tool to increase dramatically, and with the Powerlock EOD Crimper Scissors, it does. SOG is known for manufacturing exceptionally well-made multi-tools, even supplying the US Special Forces. 

The Powerlock EOD Crimper Scissors have a patented gear-driven opening mechanism, which SOG calls Compound Leverage, meaning you can easily flip it open with one hand. It also offers twice as much grip as a conventional multi-tool, but despite this there are covers over the other tools when you’re using the pliers to make it more comfortable, and the result is an exceptionally ergonomic feel.

All of the tools feature individual lockouts (so you’ll need a good excuse to give to the officer if you’re caught carrying it) and while in some tools a saw can be more of a gesture than a useful feature, the double tooth saw is fantastic, cutting firewood with ease. If you’re looking for a well made, fully featured multi-tool the SOG Powerlock EOD Crimper Scissors is for you. It might be expensive, but it’ll last a lifetime, it also comes with an attractive leather carrying pouch and everything works perfectly.

AT rating: 9/10

SOG Powerlock EOD Crimper Scissors Review
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