Mountains sunset

The 10 most adventure inspiring photos you’ll see this week

Author: Naomi Dunbar

Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to enjoy the adventurous things in life when we’re battling with busy schedules and work life. However, a great thing about the twenty-first century is that we can use the powers of social media to get a temporary adventure fix, until we find the time to get out into the wide world ourselves.

These days, we have the world at our finger tips, so it’s never been easier to check out all things, wild, exploration and nature, on the go. So, what better way to pass a little time today than to check out the most adventuring inspiring photos we could find this week, eh?

1. Stargazing in Sedona, Arizona

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2. Spectacular tent views in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

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3. Admiring the Northern Lights from an iceberg in Finland

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4. Climbing the Aiguille d’Entreves ridge, of the Mont Blanc massif

5. Wandering above the clouds in British Columbia, Canada

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6. Bivvy bagging in the mountains of Switzerland

7. Kayaking the icy glacier lakes in British Columbia, Canada

8. Living that ‘van life’ dream in Yosemite Valley

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9. Discovering ice caves in Alaska

10. Exploring the caves of Karpathos Island, Greece