This stunning Instagram feed will inspire you to a summer of adventure

Author: Rob Slade

It’s time to stop dreaming about all of those adventures you’d love to embark on and start doing them. Here’s a bunch of unbelievable photos from the mountains that will help inspire you into action.

Sebastien Montaz-Rosset is an award-winning producer who is known for taking and creating wonderful photos and films in the outdoor world.

He grew up in the Alps and worked as a mountain guide and ski instructor before moving on to what he does now. This means he is comfortable, and brilliant at, documenting some of the world’s most extraordinary tales of normal people who do amazing things.

The brilliant thing about his photography and Instagram feed is that it enables us to live vicariously through his camera lens and the unbelievable athletes he works with.

Whether it’s thousands of feet above sea level with athletes highlining over unbelievable chasms, or ski mountaineering on some of Europe’s highest mountains, you’ll definitely be in for a treat. Here’s a selection of photos from his Instagram account that are sure to provide ample adventure inspiration.

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