George the Explorer

This travel photographer is about to give you a serious case of wanderlust

Author: Rob Slade

Here at Adventure Travel, it would be fair to say we are major Instagram fans. There’s something about having the ability to follow a plethora of adventurers, photographers and athlete that just seems to get us through the week.

We love having a daily dose of inspiration, and Instagram often provides that for us in abundance. The only issue is, it normally means that by the time Wednesday comes around our wanderlust levels are off the charts and we just want to escape from the office and go exploring.

Anyway, as our affliction with Instagram has continued, we’ve managed to find quite a collection of incredible photographers, so we thought we’d share one of those with you.

George Turner is a photographer, content creator and explorer from Britain who takes photographs of beautiful landscapes all over the world. He’s passionate about storytelling and anything conservation related, and most importantly, knows how to take a cracking photo.

His travels have taken him all over the world and he has a wide selection of stunning photos from places such as the fjords of Norway, powerful waterfalls in Iceland and the incredible landscapes of New Zealand.

But, we’re glad to say, he also stays true to his British heritage and shares beautiful imagery of some of the UK’s greatest views. Think Durdle Door in Dorset, the Isle of Skye up in Scotland and some of the Lake District’s majestic bodies of water.

The great thing is, as he features a wide range of locations, it means that those of us who are stuck in the UK for most of the year not only get travel inspiration from places further afield, but we also see just how beautiful the British Isles truly are.

So rather than seeing these remarkable places and adding them to a never-ending bucket that may not be completed, it means we can tick off the UK-based locations that we are introduced to.

Over the years, George has been featured by a range of national publications including the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and Lonely Planet to name but a few. His photography has also seen him work with numerous tourism boards, travel brands and retailers, and we can certainly see why.

Much of his work seems to capture the scene in the most perfect lighting conditions, something that could only be achieved with a lot of time, patience and hard work. Here are a few more examples of his stunning photography. Enjoy!

You can follow George on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or check out more of his work on his website. For more adventure inspiration, be sure to check out the Adventure Travel Instagram account too.