Video of the week: Stunning drone footage from around the world

Author: Aisling Kiely

So, apparently you can travel the world in 80 days – pretty impressive. But, what about in under three minutes? Well, maybe not literally, but this epic video takes you to all corners of the planet with a truly incredible compilation of drone footage.

Photography and videography company Seagull Aerial have taken adventure to new heights by using a drone to soar over misty mountains, dive into snow avalanches and hang from the highest cliff-tops in their latest video.

The video includes locations such as Mount Fuji, the Rocky Mountains and Vietnam and we’re sure that after watching paragliders take flight from knife-like edges and wind-surfers battle their way through the ice cold waters you’ll be itching to plan your next expedition.

The video is flawlessly filmed by Max Seigal and captures the natural world at it’s finest in under 180 seconds. That’s enough to brighten up any afternoon…

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