Family travel in New Zealand

Watch: Family travels New Zealand and captures it in most beautiful way possible

Author: Dan Nicholson

With an addictive, laid back vibe, friendly people and unfathomable beauty, it’s no wonder people look back on their travels in New Zealand with such fondness.

In particular, it seems to be the wilder and less populated (with just one million inhabitants compared to three million on the North) South Island that makes the most potent of impressions. Mountains, stunning coastline and pristine lakes make the area an adventurer’s playground (the video below is proof!).

But, with travel times stretching well past the painful 20-hour mark, just how easy is it to travel to and explore the country as a whole family? Well, we can’t say it will be easy, but it is definitely doable and more importantly, it is absolutely worth it.

Not convinced? The video below not only reveals the unbelievable beauty of New Zealand, but it will also prove that this is a place you should definitely take the whole family.

Who said you can’t adventure with children?