Kayaker swims with orca whale

Watch: Kayaker’s awe-inspiring encounter with orca whale captured by drone

Author: Rob Slade

A video has emerged showing an unbelievable encounter between an orca whale and a kayaker in Army Bay near Auckland, New Zealand.

The footage was shot by a drone flying overhead and captures the unforgettable moment when the kayaker gets into the water (yes, into the water!) with the orca whale and briefly swims with the playful animal.

While this sounds like a very risky move (we’ve all surely seen footage of orcas preying on seals and dolphins), the orca never seemed to be a threat to the kayaker as it proceeded to play and interact with its human counterpart.

Kayaker swims with orca whale

After a brief spell in the water, the kayaker heads back to their kayak and starts to paddle on. The orca is seemingly not finished playing though and it follows along closely, presumably still in a joyful mood.

Not long after, a few more orcas join in the fun making this a day that the kayaker is unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Filmed by Sam Kynman-Cole of topVIEW Photography, the footage represents a rare opportunity to see these incredible animals interacting with humans and it’s sure to leave you with a feeling of awe.

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