Watch: Man walks his way around the world in epic travel video

Author: Rob Slade

OK, so the title of the video may be slightly misleading as the man in the video, Kerrin Sheldon, doesn’t exactly walk entirely around the world. But he did use this awesome concept to document his travels through 12 countries and across thousands of miles.

Some people dance their way around the world, others use backflips as their unique angle for their travel videos and Sheldon uses walking. If nothing else, it makes for a brilliant transition between the countries and landmarks he travels through.

What is perhaps even more impressive is the use of postcards in the video, with each transition taking place through a still image which transforms into the next clip of the video.

Over the course of his journey Sheldon visits the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the architectural brilliance of Singapore. He walks in the shadow of domineering mountains, jumps into picture-perfect rivers and dives in the deep blue sea.

Brilliantly produced and edited, this video might not be the most extreme, but it will certainly make you want to jump on a plane to a distant country!