Lofoten Islands, Norway

Watch: Stunning footage shows true beauty of Norway’s Lofoten islands

Author: Rob Slade

The Lofoten Islands of Norway are a personal favourite of many of us here in the Adventure Travel office. Situated within the Arctic Circle, the islands experience a huge range of conditions across the seasons including spectacular phenomena such as the Northern Lights and the midnight sun.

On top of that, the area plays host to spectacular island coastlines that lend themselves to exploration by kayak as well as towering mountain peaks offering the most unbelievable panoramic views.

Add the right to wild camp without fear of repercussion and you’ve got a pretty perfect playground for adventurers. That certainly seemed to be on the mind of Atle Bråthen when he headed to the islands for a week in autumn.

Despite the fact that he and his fellow traveller encountered the first full storm of the season with high winds and a lot of rain, they still managed to capture some stunning shots which show just how incredible Lofoten really is.

Over the week they hiked to mountain viewpoints giving them unparalleled vistas, explored the coast and battled the extreme conditions while putting up a tent. Ultimately, they also managed to convince us that little bit more of just how high Lofoten deserves to be on the bucket list. Enjoy!