Why you need a tipi-style tent: Robens Navigator range overview

Did you know that tipi-style tents are among the oldest forms of human shelter?

Indigenous people right across the world, from North America to Siberia, depended on the simple yet highly effective design of a cone-shaped tent, and many continue to use them.

After all, as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Strong, easy to erect, highly weatherproof, spacious yet portable: there are many good reasons why tipi-style tents continue to find use in some of the harshest environments in the world.

Plus, they’re probably the most pleasing style of tent to the eye, which is part of the reason why they’re so popular for glampers.

But what if you want the looks and functionality of a tipi with the advantages of modern materials and design?

Well, that’s why we’re looking at Robens Navigator series of tents, which are fully-featured tipi-style tents, made from robust materials, and sit at a very attractive price point.

There are two in particular in the Navigator range that have caught our eye: the more agile Green Cone PRS, and the spacious Klondike PRS.

This is what you need to know and why you should consider adding them to your camping set-up.

Robens Green Cone PRS

Robens Green Cone PRS

Ideal for a quick weekend getaway or even longer expeditions, the Green Cone PRS combines functionality with comfort and retro style.

We like it because it’s big enough to sleep four people, but portable enough to carry if you’re hiking to the perfect campsite.

It may not be the lightest tent, but for a 4-person, tipi-style design, the 5.2kg minimum weight is more than acceptable, particularly if you’re splitting the weight between the group.

Another great feature is that it’s designed to be used as a single-layer tent as well, meaning you can leave the inner and use the HydroTex polyester flysheet as a lightweight water- and wind-proof shelter.

Robens Green Cone PRS

But, perhaps our favourite feature is the offset centre pole. Unlike most cone-shaped tents, the Green Cone PRS uses a telescopic centre pole that’s angled away from the centre of the tent.

This means that you don’t have a pole right in the middle of the footprint, which massively boosts the usable space of the tent.

It’s a very well thought out piece of kit, and the fact that it’s priced so affordably is an extra bonus.

You can find out more about the Green Cone PRS here.

Klondike PRS

Robens Klondike PRS

For those looking for a larger tent, suitable for family holidays or extended standing camping adventures in the highest levels of comfort, the Klondike PRS is your tent.

While it shares the profile of the Green Cone, the Klondike is actually a bell tent, rather than a tipi-style tent.

The difference is that the roof of a tipi-style tent goes all the way down to the ground, whereas a bell tent has walls around the skirt of the tent. While the appearance is very similar, the walls increase the useable space within the tent without enlargening the footprint.

The PRS is the 100% HydroTex polyester version of the Klondike (which uses a polyester and cotton blend), which means it’s 5kg lighter without compromising on weatherproofing or strength.

In fact, in Robens’ in-house wind-testing tunnel (yes, they’re that serious about crafting strong gear), the Klondike PRS withstood an average windspeed of up to 185km/h (115mph) – a seriously impressive number for a family-sized tent that you can stand up in.

Robens Klondike PRS

Plus, the large front door makes access easy, and the eaves of the door mean that you won’t be getting wet while you take your shoes off.

We like that there’s also plenty of ventilation to reduce condensation, and you can also add everything from an extra-large porch to a wood-burning stove with Robens’ optional extras.

With all these features and for a large 6-person tent that will last countless adventures, it offers great value-for-money.

You can find out more about the Klondike PRS here.

Robens Navigator range of tents

Robens Navigator range

Robens has been crafting quality tents and camping gear for over 50 years, expanding from a garage-sized operation in Wentorf, Germany to become one of Europe’s leading and most respected outdoor brands.

Now part of the Oase Outdoors family which brings a wealth of Scandinavian wilderness expertise while maintaining excellent value and performance, we’ve used Robens tents for years and have always been impressed.

The Navigator range of tents offers the classic look and feel of a tipi with all the features, reliability, and convenience of a modern tent.

You can find out more about the Robens Navigator series of tents here.