Lauterbrunn valley

5 beautiful valleys in the Alps

Author: Bryn Davies

There are so many beautiful valleys in the Alps and just driving through them, let alone hiking or climbing in them, is pure pleasure. Huge walls rise on either side and cut you off from the rest of the world creating an Alpine paradise that’s hard to beat. Couple that with the spectacular mountains the Alps has on offer you’ve got one of the most attractive mountain ranges in the world. We’ve done some digging and picked out five of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps, which one’s your favourite?

5. Stubaital Valley – Austria

Stubaital valley

4. Chamonix Valley – France

Chamonix Valley

3. Logar Valley – Slovenia

Logar Valley

2. Vilnoss Valley – Italy

Villnoss valley

1. Lauterbrunnen Valley – Switzerland

Lauterbrunn valley

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