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Author: Rosie Fuller

Over the ensuing months we are documenting our favourite 100 hikes in the world (first appearing in our 2012 special celebratory edition of Adventure Travel which marked its 100th issue). This week’s instalment is a look at The Stevenson Way in the wilderness of Scotland…

Photo: Elena Marshall

The Stevenson Way only opened in May 2012 so it’s too new for us to judge. It’s a wilderness walk in Scotland based on the book Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. In Kidnapped, a boy called David is kidnapped by his uncle and put on a boat bound for America. But the boat shipwrecked on the island of Mull, so David travels 230 miles back to Edinburgh encountering all sorts of adventures on the way.

The Stevenson Way starts on the west cost of Mull and passes through various places mentioned in the book – and a lot of amazing scenery – before also finishing 230 miles later in Edinburgh.

“This is a fantastic route for those who want to get away from the way-marked trails,” says the path’s creator Ian Logan. “If you are an experienced hill walker, know your map and compass, are self-reliant and are seeking a challenge, then this is for you.”

For more, see www.stevensonway.org.uk.