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6 of the most incredible wildlife experiences in the world

Author: Naomi Dunbar

There’s nothing more fascinating than the diverse and majestic animal species that we share this incredible world with, and to catch a glimpse of them in their natural, wild habitat is truly magical. Wildlife experiences can be soul-stirring, if not life changing, especially if you catch sight of one of the rarer or more dangerous species of the world.

With the above in mind, we teamed up with our friends at Swarovski, a brand that manufacturers fantastic binoculars, to find six of the most incredible wildlife experiences in the world.

1. Wolves, Canada

Wolf in Canada

When it comes to incredible animal experiences, spotting wild wolves is definitely up there. There are roughly 60,000 wolves in Canada, so heading to one of the country’s national parks, such as Prince Albert National Park, is one of the best places in the world to spot one of these magnificent creatures. Hunting in packs, you’ll hear their howl before you catch sight of their beautiful coats in the distance. Many touring companies offer guided tracking tours, so you won’t be short on opportunities to see these incredible animals.

2. The Big Five, Africa

Elephants in Africa

The Big Five refers to lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo. The name was originally given to this group of African animals by big-game hunters, not because of their size, but because they were the five most difficult to hunt and hunting them had a degree of danger. These days, the Big Five is used by tourists who travel to these incredible beasts’ habitats in hope to catch a glimpse of all five. There are many places that you can spot the Big Five in Africa, popular places being the Tanzania Serengeti and Chobe National Park in Botswana.

3. Polar bears, Arctic

Polar bear

High above the Arctic Circle, on the archipelago of Svalbard, there are more polar bears than human inhabitants. So, as you can imagine, this is one of the best places in the world if you would like to spot one of these impressive beings. To spot one, you’ll need to take a cruise around one of the islands. Weaving in and out of huge icebergs with your binoculars in hand, you’ll need to keep a sharp eye on the landscape to catch one of these beauties.

4. Giant panda, China


Pandas often lead a solitary life and are hard to find in the wild, therefore it can be pretty tricky to spot one of these charming animals in the flesh. So, you’ll need to undertake some extensive trekking, with experts, in the mountain ranges of the Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan Provinces in south-central China. If you’re lucky enough to spot one, you’ll probably find him or her munching away at bamboo, as they can spend up to 14 hours a day doing so.

5. Chimpanzees, Africa


Some of the best places in Africa to spot wild chimpanzees is in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. You’ll need to embark on some pretty challenging trekking, through dense and mountainous forests, in order to set sight on a family of these charming primates. However, if you do see them, all your efforts will be rewarded with an animal experience that’ll have the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, and will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

6. Whales, Norway

Humpback whale

You’ll find yourself with an almost guaranteed chance of spotting one of these impressive giants in the months of late October till mid January, in the waters of Norway. Take to the waters on a whale watching safari for an animal experience like no other, and be prepared to be wowed by the sheer size of these graceful animals when seen with your very own eyes. Watching them breach is truly an incredible sight that’ll have you lost for words.

Want to try one of these wildlife experiences?

Safari Africa binoculars wildlife experiences

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CL Pocket binocular

Swarovski CL pocket binocular

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CL Companion

Swarovski CL Companion binoculars

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