Video of the week: Epic drone footage reveals stunning Canadian wilderness

Author: Rob Slade

Nothing beats a great view. Fortunately, with the emergence of drones, we’re now able to capture the world’s most incredible landscapes from a variety of new angles and this stunning video of the Canadian wilderness is all the proof you’ll need.

The footage was shot on location in British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone and a Nikon D5300.

During the creation of the video, filmmaker Will Lindsley covered over 9,000 miles to reach all of the locations, but judging by the amazing scenery on show in the video, it must have been worth it.

With panoramic views of towering mountains, pristine lakes and vast forests the footage has left us with an insatiable itch to head to Canada, and we’re sure you’ll be feeling the same pretty soon too.