The Outer Hebrides

Watch: Walking the length of the remote Outer Hebrides

Author: Rob Slade

Upon A Ribbon Of Wildness is this week’s stunning featured video which documents Ian Finch’s 180-mile walk through the remote Outer Hebrides.

The spectacular archipelago stretches over 120 miles from north to south and can be found 30-60 miles off of the Scottish coast. The islands are punctuated by a series of rugged mountains and remarkable coastlines that make for beautiful viewing. Especially at sunrise and sunset.

Finch walked the length of the archipelago via ancient pathways and trade routes that cross the many islands like a spider’s web. In the video description he says: “It was my aim to follow in the footsteps of those that walked and thrived on this rugged landscape 100s of years ago.

“From remote community to township, crofting village to harbour, this became a journey of self directed exploration.”

Check out the video below and we’re sure you’ll be bowled over by the incredible scenery and planning your own trip to the Outer Hebrides before long.