Mark Beaumont Africa Solo talk

World record breaking cyclist set for speaking tour

Author: Rob Slade

Best known for his world record breaking circumnavigation of the world by bicycle, Mark Beaumont has been at the forefront of endurance sport for almost a decade.

His most recent journey saw him smash the record for cycling from Cairo to Cape Town in Africa and he’s now set to begin a tour to share his remarkable experiences with the public.

During the journey, aptly named African Solo, Beaumont covered 6,716 miles in just 41 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes with an average speed of 160 miles per day.

Beaumont’s Africa Solo tour is a story of extreme endurance travelling through a range of tough terrain and incredible locations. But beyond that, it’s also a story about people. His team back home and the remarkable people of Africa who made his journey possible.

Previous journeys include circumnavigating the globe 82 days faster than the previous record holder and cycling the length of the Americas (as well as climbing both continents’ highest mountain).

Having recently watched Beaumont speak at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show, we’re sure it will be a great event.

To find out more information and to see a list of tour locations click here.