Author: Ollie Rooke

Watch: The surfers travelling the world in a sustainable catamaran

Imagine travelling the open seas with your mates, stopping off at idyllic white-sand beaches along the way to catch the surf, before heading back to your home on the ocean for a spot of farming…

Wait, a minute, farming?!

Introducing Wave Of Change, a short movie highlighting the eco-friendly travels of a group of surfers aboard the Nomade des Mers, a remarkable catamaran that was built to remain self-sufficient while at sea.

The ship boasts an onboard greenhouse and garden complete with hydroponics system, solar oven, and even a cricket farm to keep the team fed, while their commitment to remaining eco-friendly even extends to hitting the waves on restored surfboards, which they’ve repaired using mushrooms…

This is one sustainable adventure you’ll want to see for yourself. Watch the full film below:



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