Annual Print Subscription to Wired For Adventure magazine

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“Reading stories in WFA magazine gives adventures a texture and feel. Even the smell of the paper gives me a sensory experience that you just can’t get from a simple video or documentary.

“Wired For Adventure wires you into the surroundings of the story so that, for a split second, you’re there too!”

Get Wired For Adventure magazine all year round with an Annual Print Subscription. You’ll save over 35% on the cover price and get six premium volumes for just £36.99.

Change your life today and find your very own pursuit of freedom.

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Why choose an Annual Print Subscription

Save Money. Get six volumes for only £36.99 and save over 35% on the cover price.

No Hassle. With our Annual Print Subscription, never miss a volume. Each one is delivered directly to your door. Just subscribe and leave the rest to us.

Enjoy Reading an Environmentally Friendly, Premium Magazine. Wired For Adventure takes pride in being a product of the highest quality. Each volume is bound on a luxurious, recycled silk stock and the words are printed using environmentally friendly soy-based ink.

Collect Them All. With our Annual Print Subscription, you can build your very own Wired For Adventure library at home. Complete the full set by ordering previous volumes here.

Cancel Any Time. You’ll love your Wired For Adventure Annual Print Subscription. But if you change your mind and want to cancel, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Wired For Adventure comes out six times per year on a bi-monthly basis. When you subscribe your subscription will start with the current issue. Postage is free to UK customers.

How does your Annual Print Subscription work?

Simply add an Annual Print Subscription to your online basket, place your order, and wait for the latest volume to be delivered direct to your door. Postage is always free.

Wired For Adventure magazine is released every two months. So, when you subscribe to an Annual Print Subscription, we’ll start by sending you the latest volume. After that, the next five volumes are delivered to you as soon as they’re ready.

If you already have the current volume, make sure you leave a note with your order or email [email protected] to let us know you want to start your subscription with the next volume.