Beat the Heat with Robens Lightweight Flexpitch Tents

Robens Warm Weather Camping

Sometimes in the adventure community we only focus on staying warm in the cold. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lifesaver and we should absolutely know how to when the going gets chilly, but what about when you head to hotter climes? Being too hot or exposed can be just as uncomfortable and, in the extreme, dangerous.

Well, our friends at Robens have thought all this through for us. One of the most exciting features of their Track Range of tents is the Flexpitch system. This allows you to fully pitch the tent, with fly sheet and mesh inner for full protection, choose just the mesh inner for max ventilation and star-gazing abilities, just the outer for cool wind-protection, or half-and-half, for the best of both worlds.

This is coupled with an innovative and adjustable low vent system to ensure you can manage hot and windy conditions with ease.

RObens Tent

Who Are Robens?

With more than 50 years in the technical outdoor gear industry, Robens are the experts in tents, sleeping set-ups and camp accessories.

Founded in 1973, Klaus Robens put all of his knowledge of the outdoors into a small range of products that were displayed on his front lawn in Wentorf, Germany. By 1988, they had their own premises and started working with an industrial designer by the name of Olaf Bracht. This took their gear to a whole new level, adding a technical component whilst keeping costs reasonable.

Now part of Danish company Oase Outdoors, and with access to an R&D Department that includes in-house wind and rain testing facilities, they have expanded continuously to be the brand we know and love today; ready for your adventures in the cold and rain as well as the scorching heat.

Robens Flexpitch for warm weather camping
Robens Seeker Tent

Robens’ Warm Weather Camping Solutions

There are three tents and one tarp in the track range, each boasting the same versatility we were singing about earlier. They each list the results of their wind tests too, for ultimate peace of mind.

Today we’ll be focusing on the Seeker, a dome tent, and the Sprinter, a tunnel tent. Both come in two or three person sizes and have all of Robens’ signature quality and innovation.

You can expect to find Flexpitch, a lightweight ripstop nylon flysheet, 2000mm hydrostatic head, taped seams, flat pole sleeves for easy pitching, mosquito protection, and a handy dandy adjustable gear line.

To enhance their ventilation capabilities, both also have two door access with small porch areas. This allows flexibility when pitching in the wind and lots of breathability in arid conditions.

So do you want the Seeker dome or the Sprinter tunnel?

Really, this is down to personal preference. Both are roomy enough for two or three people with gear but the Sprinter does offer slightly more outdoor space.

If weight is a primary concern of yours, then the Seeker clocks in at about 200g less than the Sprinter, but neither weigh the earth. For their two person set-ups, the Seeker dome weighs 1.7kg and the Sprinter tunnel 1.9. They are each built with lightweight aluminium poles and 20D nylon meshes and fly sheets.

Both have a great pack size, with short pole sections that make them easy to pack in a backpack or bike panniers. Matching their weights, the Seeker dome two man tent (38x14cm) is slightly smaller than the Sprinter tunnel (43x16cm) when packed.

Ultimately, you just have to decide whether you want to lofty heights of a dome tent or the extra toe room of a tunnel tent.

Robens Warm weather camping tent
Robens Sprinter Tent

Keep it Cool

Are you off on a hot weather adventure? Well, firstly we’re very jealous, and secondly, we couldn’t recommend the Robens Seeker and Sprinter tents enough. Their versatility in warmer climes alone makes them stand out from the crowd and they don’t skimp on any of Robens’ other technologies either.

Take a look at the Sprinter, Seeker, and all of Robens’ range at