The 4 Best Beaches for Water Sports in Gran Canaria

Canary WaterSports

Looking at Gran Canaria on the map is like looking at a cartoon drawing of a paradise island. Off the coast of North Africa, it’s as circular as an island can be, is covered in rocky mountains and dense forests and, most importantly for a paradise island, it is surrounded by miles of beautiful blue ocean.

Gran Canaria’s slice of the Atlantic is ripe with adventure all year round, whether you feel most comfortable far below the surface, bobbing on the waves or admiring from the shore. You can dive, submarine, jet ski, parasail, surf, windsurf, paddleboard, fish and sail on every corner of the island.

What is particularly special about Gran Canaria’s approach to the ocean, however, is that it doesn’t stop inland either. The hotels dotted around the coast show off the beautiful blue at every opportunity; in their décor, food and spa offerings.

Though there is aquatic adventure to be had on all 236km of coastline, the south side is wonderfully sheltered from harsh wind, but with wind enough to surf, and dotted with the most beautiful beaches north of the Seychelles. Together with Gran Canaria Blue we’re taking you on a tour of the south coast to show you the adrenaline, relaxation, beauty, and adventure on the shores of this paradise island.

Puerto de MoganPuerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán – South West

Beginning our journey at one of the main marinas on the island, we’re in for some rest, relaxation and a wildlife experience like no other.

The Puerto de Mogán marina is a hub of culture and a gateway to the whole island and Canary archipelago. Designed like a town of its own, it bursts with colour, offset by the beautiful blues of the Atlantic, and is full of culture and gastronomy. Street markets, painting contests and festivals all year round make this an incredible base for a nautical holiday.

Gran Canaria Blue Submarine Adventure

Just off-shore lies the Underwater Park La Atlántida. This protected area was created and maintained by Submarine Adventure, a company dedicated to educating visitors on Gran Canaria’s marine life in the coolest way possible; on a submarine.

With an artificial reef, they’ve repopulated the Mogán seabed with more than 55 species, from trumpet fish to spider crabs. On their electric submarine, the Golden Shark, you can see this bustling habitat like never before and know that you’re contributing to its protection as you do.

If this electric gateway to marine adventure sounds like the base for you, then the Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa and Cordial Mogán Valle Apartments on the Mogán beach are the perfect accomodations. Designed to look like a Canarian village and set in a botanical garden with more than 450 species, this hotel bursts with joy and charm. It is also perfect for families, with trampoline rooms, a bowling alley and tennis courts.

The apartments offer an equal amount of charm with a touch more independence, as all suites come with fully equipped kitchens to use at your leisure.

Canary WaterSports

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria – South West

Moving east of the Puerto de Mogán, the thrills of Gran Canaria’s watersport scene become apparent. The golden sands and sparkling seas of the Playa de Puerto Rico offer parasailing, jet boating, and wind surfing.

With Canary WaterSports you’ll find yourself exploring caves on a jet ski safari, experiencing a panorama of the island from the heights of a parasail, and getting well acquainted with the waves on a jet boat. Each of these is a thrilling way to experience the energy of Gran Canaria’s ocean, though they aren’t for the faint of heart.

Gran Canaria BlueSpirit of the Sea

The thrills of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria’s watersports are one thing, but experiencing the magic of the ocean on a dolphin and whale watching tour with Spirit of the Sea is like nothing else on earth.

The island is home to 34% of the world’s cetacean species and is unique in that you can spot them all year long. The temperate waters and stable fish population means many species of whale call these waters home.

The accommodation in this region of the island is stunning and practically delivers you from your bed to the beach in the morning. Especially when it comes to the Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa. This hotel is only 200m from the Playa de Amadores beach giving you unrivalled access to the aquatic adventures on offer. The panoramic view of the sea from the Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel is unrivalled and the infinity pool will have you swimming on cloud nine, whilst the sheer relaxation of the adults only Servatur Casablanca Suites & Spa will have you wondering why you booked a flight home at all. To fully immerse yourself in a water themed holiday, the Marina Bayview Hotel and Marina Suites are subtly decorated with a nautical theme and only serve up the freshest local produce, bursting with the flavours of the sea.

Watersports Luis Molina

Playa Anfi Del Mar and Playa De Patalavaca – South

Moving further east still, you will come across a quiet stretch of beaches, perfect for some enjoyable water sports and beautiful views.

With the experts at Watersports Luis Molina at Anfi you can try one of the newest watersports on the planet in the form of flyboarding. By strapping two pressurised jets to your feet you can dive in and out of the water or try pirouetting mid-air like much of the wildlife you’ll be surrounded with. They also offer paddle boarding and kayaking if you’d rather stay in contact with the water and soak up the beautiful rugged shoreline.

Staying in this quiet region doesn’t get better than at Servatur Green Beach. Literally feet from the water’s edge, the lapping of the waves will sing you to sleep. This proximity to the sea also allows for a special sight from the solarium. You can watch the sun rise and set over the Atlantic every day, in a spectacular display of colour and light.

Gran Canaria BlueBD Surf School

Maspalomas – South

Near the most southerly point of the island, you’ll find experts in two of the locals’ favourite past-times, fishing and windsurfing.

At the BD Surf School, you have the opportunity to try Gran Canaria’s favourite sport, wind surfing. The conditions on the island are practically perfect for the sport; so perfect that 42 time windsurf world champion Björn Dunkerbeck set up his own surf school there and calls it home. The island is also unique in that there is never really an off-season. Winds are best from October to April, but the summer is equally a great time to improve your skills. If trying the sport has ever appealed to you, there is no better place to give it a go than Gran Canaria. They will also happily teach you how to surf and paddle board in their two multi-level locations.

Fish On Blue Marlin

Canarians also love casting a line at one of the 58 fishing spots around the island, to kick back and take advantage of the abundant tuna and marlin populations. With Fish On Blue Marlin you can head out with Captain Pedro, an expert with more than 25 years in the field, to see what you can bag for yourself. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Pedro knows these waters well enough to give you the best chance to catch a big one.

Puerto Deportivo Pasito BlancoPuerto Deportivo Pasito Blanco

Fish On Blue Marlin operate from the Puerto Deportivo Pasito Blanco which is always a hive of aquatic activity. If you catch the fishing bug they host a yearly competition and also have their own dive school so you can get eye to eye with the marine life.

Getting Around

As you can tell, there are a lot of adventures to be had around Gran Canaria’s coastline. Luckily, getting around the island to experience them all is incredibly easy with two premiere sea transport options. Líneas Blue Bird and Líneas Salmón both regularly operate ferries between the island’s major ports; Mogán, Anfi, Puerto Rico, and Arguineguín.

Líneas Salmón also offers dolphin tours and ‘B&B’ tickets – Bus & Boat packages, that will take you from the biggest resorts on the island to the ferry port for your convenience.

Ready to Make a Splash?

If you want watersports on your adventure calendar this year, there is no better place to do them than in Gran Canaria. Head to to start planning your holiday to paradise.