Video of the Week: Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit

In this week’s Video of the Week we take a trip way back to 2010 and to the release of Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit, a climbing video like no other. This YouTube clip, which may well be my favourite parody video of all time, documents Mark Odlum’s battle to reach the summit of the highest parking garage in town via ‘the north stairwell’ route.

In this truly inspiring movie we follow Mark’s attempt to summit the icy building with his ‘personal Sherpa’ Pammy Tashi. It’s an emotional return to the garage for Mark who’s trying to overcome his past after a failed summit bid the year before (he had to abandon the climb after an injury to his hand).

We pick up the journey from Camp 4, the highest, most inhospitable camp in the garage and what follows is pure inspiration. Check it out: