The balloon highline

Video of the week: Slacklining between hot air balloons

Author: Rob Slade

Adventure sports rarely come more extreme than highlining and base jumping. For those that don’t know, highlining is a version of slacklining that takes places at elevation above ground or water. Slacklining itself is similar to tight rope walking, only the line is less taught allowing for more stretch and bounce.

Typically, athletes will walk the line (made out of webbing) with a harness attached to it for safety, however, some of those at the pinnacle of the sport will actually walk the line unattached, with a parachute or with nothing at all (aptly named free-solo slacklining).

Formerly known as the Skyliners, the Flying Frenchies are a group of like-minded individuals who continue to push the boundaries of slacklining, highlining and base jumping combined. This video is from the early 2014 when the Flying Frenchies attempted to highline between two hot air balloons suspended in the air. Would you ever try something like this?