Watch: Stunning video captures the beauty of travelling Vietnam

Author: Rob Slade

Vietnam is a country of unbelievable variety. In one part of the country you’ll be soaking up the rays on beautiful golden beaches and then several days later you can find yourself exploring spectacular mountain ranges decorated with rice terraces.

This vast variety may be part of the reason so many travellers end up in Vietnam. Either that or it’s down to the incredible views, tasty food and the warmth of its people.

Whatever it is, there’s no debate the country has a lot to offer. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below and you will almost certainly be convinced.

The footage was produced by Georgy Tarasov with the help of his brother Daniil Tarasov as they spent 45 amazing days adventuring through the country.

Along the way they took train journeys through the heart of the countryside, explored the backstreets of the country’s most densely populated cities, cycled down beaten tracks and rode motorbikes through truly unforgettable landscapes.

In essence, the video provides a brilliant glimpse into all that Vietnam has to offer. Enjoy!