Video of the week: The insane pastime of mountain unicycling

What have we just stumbled upon?! Apparently mountain unicycling is a thing and if we do say so ourselves – it looks absolutely brilliant, if a little insane. It’s pretty self-explanatory from the name, but for those that can’t work it out, it’s basically mountain biking using just the one wheel!

We’ve found a couple of videos of this sport on YouTube (well worth checking out) but this was by far the most spectacular. The footage tells the story of professional mountain unicyclists Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz riding down a 3,011-metre high mountain in the Dolomites.

Not only is it an incredible feat in itself, but the scenery is also spectacular making for truly awesome viewing. So be sure to dedicate the next four minutes of your life watching these guys ride down incredibly challenging mountain terrain in one of the most unbelievable videos we’ve seen to date.

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