5 adventures to have at home while you’re self-isolating

Author: Amabel Buck

It’s official. Boris has spoken. We are now living in some strange dystopian reality where leaving your own home can land you in trouble with the police and toilet roll is the main commodity. While traditional adventures have been put on hold for a while, many of us will be looking for adventures to have at home instead; just a little something to scratch that adventure itch and prevent us from going stir crazy.

While some of these may seem a little silly, there’s nothing wrong with a little silliness in today’s world – I’ve found it a welcome break from the anxiety-inducing monotony of Covid-19. So, don’t stash away that tent, camping stove or bushcraft knife just yet, here’s five fun adventures to have at home, while you’re doing your bit to end this madness.


camping adventures to have at home

Okay, hear me out. I know you probably haven’t been camping in your own back garden since your 10th birthday party, but going back to your roots and re-living the adventures that made you fall in love with the great outdoors can only be a good thing, right?

It’s one of the most classic adventures to have at home, whether you’ve got kids or not. Pitch your tent, roast some marshmallows and read ghost stories, just like the good old days. A bivvy bag or hammock will do the trick too, and if you don’t have any of the above you could even try building your own teepee!

A rabbit in a tent in the garden

For those that don’t have a garden, why not build a fort in your living room? Childish as it may seem, building a fort is not nearly as simple as the movies would have you believe, and there’s something strangely satisfying about wriggling in among the cushions and duvets once you’re finished. Decorate with bunting and Christmas lights to make it extra cosy. If nothing else, at least it’s a change of scenery to watch Netflix or read your book in! Check out the latest list of our favourite adventure travel books here.

Star gazing

man staring up at the sky best adventures to have at home

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but why not grab some camping chairs and blankets and spend an evening or two outdoors, learning to read the map of the skies? You can try to spot different constellations and find out what they mean, or even try looking out for planets, that can be distinguished from stars by their colouration or lack of twinkle. It goes without saying that those without gardens can do this from their balcony or window, and you’ll see even more through the lens of a telescope.

You can also now live stream the Northern Lights! On explore.com you’ll find live videos of the Aurora Borealis from a camera located at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Manitoba, which is situated directly under the Aurora Oval for the best chances of catching a glimpse. The best time to see them is from late winter to spring between 2am to 8am UK time, so set your alarm a little early for an extra magical start to the day.

Bushcraft and outdoor cooking

outdoor cooking open fire

In these uncertain times, it’s going to be useful to brush up on your bushcraft skills – not just in case you need to rely on them, but also to pass the hours while you’re locked up at home. Learn how to use a knife for bushcraft and survival or find out how to start a fire using four different natural materials.

Figure out how to whittle or cook over an open fire, or check out what you can forage for here in the UK. The possibilities for bushcraft adventures to have at home are endless. I found simple things like attempting to make a three-course meal on your camping stove offers endless amounts of entertainment, not to mention a nice change of pace from cooking indoors. 

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt ideas for adventures to have at home

More memories of your 10th birthday coming flooding back? This is another of those retro adventures to have at home that can bring joy to adults and children alike. I’d be lying if I said the prospect of a treasure hunt doesn’t still fill me with child-like delight, and there are plenty of ways to set it up to make it more exciting. Take it in turns to hide clues all around the house and garden, up trees and in hard-to-reach places for extra adventure points. The ‘treasure’ can be whatever you like – but I’ve found your favourite quarantine snacks works well!

You could also make a time capsule for your garden or use your daily walk to seek out a geocache – just ensure you’re walking well away from parks and other popular outdoor areas. If you live in the countryside, you might be able to find one on a walk right from your front door. You could even make your own geocache and hide it somewhere in your neighbourhood, just don’t forget to log it’s position online.

Planning your next adventure

Trip planning adventures to have at home

As the saying goes, ‘This too, shall pass,’ and when it does, adventures will seem all the sweeter for it. The travel industry is on its knees right now and could certainly do with a helping hand. That means postponing, rather than cancelling trips, and even planning or booking new trips for a later date.

And if you’re anything like me, the planning is often nearly as fun as the adventure itself. I can while hours away on TripAdvisor and Pinterest, finding hidden locations to add to my must-do list and hunting down the best budget-friendly restaurants and bars to visit. Having something to look forward to is a God send in this anxiety-riddled climate we suddenly find ourselves in – it’s a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel, signalling that everything is going to be okay.

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