Wired For Adventure Volume 23 – Current Issue


“I don’t really listen when people tell me I can’t do things.”

– Preet Chandi, Record-breaking Polar Explorer and WFA 23 Cover Star

Welcome to Volume 23 of Wired For Adventure, The Mountain Edition.

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Introducing Wired For Adventure Volume 23: Mountain Edition

The mountains are where many of us start our flirtation with adventure. They’re so ripe with things to climb up, jump off, and hurtle down that one trip is never enough. That’s why we’ve dedicated Volume 23 of Wired For Adventure to all the fun you can have in the mountains. With hiking, climbing, wing suiting, mountain biking, fastpacking via ferratas, and more, it’s full of all the inspiration and wisdom you need for your next trip.

We also catch up with the wonderful Preet Chandi, a world-record-breaking polar adventurer on a mission to prove we can all do more than we can.
Venture into the world’s mountains with Wired For Adventure Volume 23.

What’s inside the latest volume of Wired for Adventure?

From wing suiting in the Pyrenees to hiking in the remote Hindu Kush, this volume will have you itching to plan your next trip into the mountains. There are interviews, destination guides, travel stories, and gear roundups to get you there in no time.

Learn from a seasoned mountaineer how to manage altitude sickness, develop the perfect sleep setup for you, and dip your toes into the world of fast packing with a guide on how to get started.

We also speak to Preet Chandi about how she endures the earth’s most extreme environments, how she went from an Antarctic novice to a world-record-breaking explorer, and how we can all push ourselves to go further than we have before. Simon Messner, world-renowned first-ascent mountaineer and son of the legendary Reinhold Messner, also reminds us that the beauty of adventuring often lies in quiet, solo trips where it’s just you and the great outdoors.

Also, in WFA Volume 23…

  • Interview: Meet Preet Chandi, the world-record-breaking polar explorer proving we can all do more than we think
  • Trailblazers: Reinhold Messner changes the mountaineering game
  • Join Simon Messner on a first ascent in Pakistan
  • Learn how to avoid altitude sickness and what to do if you get ill
  • Discover the lives of the American Mountain Men, living off the Rocky Mountains like it were the early 1800s
  • Try flying as Maxwell Roche learns how to wingsuit
  • Take on new challenges in Malta
  • Find out what it takes for porters and guides to lead you up Kilimanjaro
  • Travel to the most remote parts of Pakistan to meet the women who live there
  • Hurtle down the slopes of the Smoky Mountains on an MTB adventure
  • Plan your next adventure with our introduction to fastpacking
  • Get all the gear for a perfect night’s sleep in the mountains

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