Travis Burke Photography

Travis Burke: The best Instagram feed for travel inspiration this week

Author: Rob Slade

Travis Burke is a photographer who specialises in capturing outdoor adventures in some of the most remote and beautiful places across the world.

Whether that means highlining over a 120m canyon, backpacking the entire John Muir Trail or camping out beneath an incredible night sky with the Milky Way in full view, you can be sure Burke is going to capture it in an almost perfect fashion.

Having turned his grandmother’s old van into an adventure-mobile, he has now been living and travelling on the road for one and a half years. In the process, he has managed to visit some truly extraordinary places and woke up to some of the best views in the world.

If you’re anything like us, this Instagram feed will feed your desire to get your own campervan and live a life on the road. Or if not, it will make you want to get outside more at the very least!