Video of the week: A 1,000-mile swim along the Missouri River

Author: Aisling Kiely

Dave Cornthwaite is an adventurer with a project to embark on 25 different journeys covering 1,000 miles or more each time using different forms of non-motorised transport. From skateboarding across Australia to paddle boarding the Mississippi, he certainly doesn’t make light work for himself.

Eager to complete another expedition, Cornthwaite decided to swim over 1,000 miles in a river, but as he was unable to find a river in England large enough, he headed to Missouri to fulfil his mission. He used the expedition as a chance to raise money for breast cancer awareness charity, Coppafeel.

In this week’s short video, Cornthwaite shares the high and low moments of his epic adventure and the importance of people and teamwork on any challenging adventure. Close to catching hypothermia, he explores the true nature of adventure and how his expedition made him realise the value of life and his biggest fear – growing old and regretting he didn’t do more.

A truly inspirational story and incredible sentiment.