Video of the week: Man cheats death and breaks free solo slackline world record

If you have a fear of heights you may want to look away. Our latest video of the week shows Spencer Seabrooke attempting to break the world record for the longest ever free solo slackline at a head-spinning height of 290m at the North Gully of Squamish’s Stawamus Chief Mountain in Canada.

For those that don’t know, slacklining is the art of walking across webbing which is anchored to two points. Unlike tightrope walking, the line has a certain amount of give, hence the ‘slack’ element. Typically, athletes will wear a harness while slacklining at height in case of a fall, but those who free solo have no safety net whatsoever.

In this case, Spencer takes on a 64m long, 2.5cm wide line in an attempt to break the world record. It’s a pretty startling watch, especially when the daredevil slips and almost falls to a near certain and gruesome death. Watch the video below and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter!