Bermuda: the ultimate all-year-round adventure destination

Author: Naomi Dunbar

When it comes to planning an awesome holiday outside of Europe, you often find yourself having a battle between when you can take the time off work vs the seasons of the place you want to visit. You want to go somewhere seriously cool or exotic, but you really don’t fancy chancing a monsoon season or being waist deep in snow. Well, hold on to your adventure caps because I have a little secret I’d like to share.

The answer to the predicament above is Bermuda. Yep, forget your waders and your snow boots, because Bermuda is the ultimate all-year-round adventure destination. The sub-tropical island, which sits in the North Atlantic Ocean, doesn’t suffer from a particular monsoon or rainy season as it’s not part of the Caribbean region. So, apart from the odd shower across the year, to keep the island looking fresh and green, you can enjoy glorious sunshine and warm waters from January all the way through to December. Happy days!

Now, Bermuda is not just a haven for sun worshippers. Oh no. The island is full to the brim of exciting and adrenaline pumping activities for adventure travellers to get stuck into. So, with weather not being an issue, we’ve made a list of the most adventurous activities that this spectacular island has to offer along with the best times of year that they can be enjoyed.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Bermuda

Bermuda is famous for its warm crystal clear waters and an array of fascinating shipwrecks. In fact, the island and it’s surrounding waters are believed to be home to over 300 shipwrecks. Entwined between wrecks the waters are alive with a plethora of beautiful reefs, stunning marine life and vibrant colours. Few places in the world rival the water clarity of Bermuda, its glass like waters offer excellent visibility no matter the season. Visibility can reach depths of over 24 metres during the summer months of May through to September.

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Hiking and cycling

Cycling in Bermuda

With the temperatures being nothing but perfect all year round, walking, hiking and cycling can be enjoyed in any season. It may be a small island, but you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with beautiful nature reserves, trails and paths to explore. The coastline is scattered with gorgeous pink-sandy beaches, coves and caves. The off-shore lands are laced with temperate forests, lagoons and luscious hills.

Whale watching

Whale watching in Bermuda

You can’t quite comprehend the magnificence of these beautiful creatures until you get up close and personal with them. The uncontrollable excitement brews as you head for the open waters in hope to catch your first glimpse of an enormous tail when these mammals breach the water. The best time of year to catch sights of these magical giants in Bermuda, is in March and April.

Water sports

Jet skiing in Bermuda

There’s nothing quite like stepping up the pace and exploring Bermuda’s vibrant blue waters by jet skiing, parasailing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking or flyboarding. The island is a hot spot for all sorts of cool water sports and good news, they can be enjoyed all year round.

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Cliff jumping and rock climbing

Cliff jumping in Bermuda

If you’re an adrenaline junky or a climber you’ll have plenty of fun in Bermuda. Its craggy cliffs are perfect for deep water soloing. Should you fall or when you get to the top, the warm blue waters are ready and waiting below to catch you. The best time of year to enjoy this activity is from May through to October.

There is so much opportunity for adventure in Bermuda that you’ll find something to tickle the fancy of every explorer. With so much to choose from you might even find yourself struggling to fit it all into one trip! Head over to the Bermuda website to see the activity almanac, what else the island has to offer and find fantastic holiday deals.