Tipis under Northern Lights

6 reasons why you need to stay in a tipi this summer

Author: Naomi Dunbar

Apart from looking totally badass, tipis actually have a whole heap of benefits and features that can improve your camping experience. Stemming from our Nordic routes, tipi tents are designed to be hardy, versatile and battle the elements, and these days are made to be portable and roomy. So, a tipi is a great companion on an adventure.

To delve deeper into the pros of tipi tents, we sought the help of our Swedish friends at Tentipi to compile a list of nine reasons why you need to stay in a tipi this summer.

1. Coolness

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Okay, I’ve already touched upon this, but I feel this is a legitimate point. Tipis are the good-looking siblings to tents (I feel), and just staying in one feels, looks and is super cool. They look great on both the inside and outside, and if you love taking great images of your adventures, a tipi is going to look awesome in your photographs.

2. Spacious

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Okay, back onto the serious points. The shape and design of a tipi means you’re going to get a lot of space and head height. Gone are the days of trying to wriggle into your trousers in the sitting position – I don’t know about you, but for me, this always ends up in a bit of a sweat. In a tipi, unless you’re some sort of human mountain, you’ll be able to stand and get dressed with ease. Due to the shape of the footprint, you can also fit more people in a tipi than you’d think.

3. Hello fire

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One of our favourite things about a tipi tent, is the fact that you can have an open fire inside of them. Yep, an open fire. The height and design of these Nordic tipis creates airflow which removes smoke from the tent, and lets fresh air in. Alternatively, if you still don’t believe us and feel the need for a little added comfort, you can purchase additional log burning stoves to go inside of them. Regardless of which option you choose, having the warmth of a fire in your tent makes camping a warm and cosy experience, even in harsh weather – it also makes easy work of drying your clothes and creates a sociable space too.

4. Goodbye condensation

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A real bug bearer for me when camping in tents is the darn condensation. Sometimes, you wake up with enough condensation to wonder if you’ve actually spent the night in a Tesco bag. Enter the tipi… Tipi tents are constructed using a breathable cotton/polyester mix, which allows for fantastic ventilation and helps to combat condensation. This means no more damp, but a warm and comfortable experience. Combined with a stove, this really is camping heaven.

5. Tough

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When the elements are against you, and you find yourself having to battle with high winds, the design of a tipi won’t let you down. The material that the tipi tents are constructed from is hardy and weatherproof, and the cone-like shape of the tent is stable in high winds and can withstand unpleasant storms. This is one tough cookie that’ll keep you warm, safe and dry.

6. Erection

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Get your mind out of the gutter… Tipi tents only have one pole and the shape and design of them makes the erection process quick and easy. In fact, once you’ve had a little bit of practice, it should only take around three minutes for you pitch your Nordic tipi. Less time stressing, more time relaxing.

From the humble two-man tipi, to the spacious family-sized beast, Tentipi is a company that offers strong and reliable tipis that can withstand any adventure. They’re designed to confront all the elements, allowing you to explore the earth while defying wind, rain, and shelter from the cold, sun, snow and insects. You can also enjoy the elemental comfort of an open fire inside your tipi. 

With a modern design and fabric construction, the company’s wide range of Nordic tipi tents have a proven expedition heritage, making a tipi the perfect companion for any expedition or adventure. To check out the full range, head over to the Tentipi website