Annapurna Circuit

Watch: Beautiful time-lapse video shows the Annapurna Circuit at its best

Author: Rob Slade

For anyone who is into their hiking or mountaineering, the Himalayas are bound to sit pretty high up on their bucket list. I know they certainly rest at the top of mine.

Among this incredible mountain range you will find a collection of mountains known as Annapurna, including three peaks that rise to over 8,000m.

It’s in this collection of mountains that the popular Annapurna Circuit trek travels through. The circuit is widely considered to be one of the best hikes in the world and takes walkers through a variety of beautiful landscapes.

The trek tops out at 5,416m and offers unrivalled views of some of the planet’s highest mountains as well as its deepest gorge.

As one of the greatest hikes in the world, there’s no wonder so many people want to do it. So whether you’re planning to do it one day, or you’ve never heard of it, we thought we would share this stunning timelapse video with you showing the area in all of its beauty.

The video was shot by photographer Jody Brown while he was trekking the circuit himself. “Over 35 days we trekked this amazing region taking is all the incredible sights. I would highly recommend visiting Nepal even if not for trekking, the country so beautiful and inspiring,” he wrote in his video description.

So, sit back, turn your volume up and enjoy this beautiful video in full screen, you won’t regret it.



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